Friday, April 27, 2007

Implementing a "Click Through" in Classic ASP

To simulate a client request for a given url, use Javascript that automatically fires during the test page load event.
To test that this "referral" script works, point the "referrer" to a handy ServerVariables display page.

Both the "referrer" (click.asp) and the "target" (servervars.asp) are illustrated here.
Here is a screen shot of the resulting HTTP_REFERER display page (servervars.asp)


Anonymous said...

Hello sir,

Would you please explain little more as to when the click through is helpful. i could not understand the article.

Diablo said...

Sure! Sorry this wasn't clear! Instead of "Click Through", perhaps it's better to think "Automated Form Submission".

This is useful when you are hosting a web page where

a) you want to redirect to another site, e.g., a product vendor

b) you want the other site to know that the request originated with your site!

If you use a simple 301 redirect, the vendor won't know the request originated with your site, and you won't get the referral $$ you deserve!

Hope that made more sense; thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Yes, good idea. What we usually do is ask the other party to add a reference on their page anywhere to include our 1x1 image call. This way the number of times its called from their website, we can track it by attaching a source on call to track the caller, and other attached request related data.

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