Thursday, March 15, 2007

Query a Machine's OS Using WMI

Say you need to automatically configure a bunch of servers with varying operating systems. The configuration you specify will vary by OS.

For example, you can't set up an IIS Application Pool on Windows 2000, which does not run IIS 6, but you still want to install web applications and manage a similar IIS tree.

Here is a function that returns an OS indicator. You can query a remote machine's OS, provided you have administrative access. To query the local machine, use "." for the machine argument.

' Get System OS from a Remote Machine
Function GetOS_Remote(strMachine)
'WMI is required for this script to function

Dim strComputer, strWMIOS

Dim objWmiService : Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strMachine &

Dim strOsQuery : strOsQuery = "Select * from

Dim colOperatingSystems : Set colOperatingSystems =

Dim objOs

Dim strOsVer
For Each objOs in colOperatingSystems

strWmios = objOs.Caption & " " & objOs.Version


Select Case True

'Add more info to the 98 and 95 to get the specific version. i.e. 98SE 95 a,b,or c

Case InStr(strWmiOS, "2000 Server") > 1 : GetOS_Remote = "2KSRV"

Case InStr(strWmiOS, "2003, Standard") > 1 : GetOS_Remote = "2K3SRV"

Case InStr(strWmiOS, "2003, Enterprise") > 1 : GetOS_Remote = "2K3ENTSRV"

Case InStr(strWmiOS, "2000 Advanced Server") > 1 : GetOS_Remote = "2KADVSRV"

Case InStr(strWmiOS, "Windows NT") > 1 : GetOS_Remote = "NT4"

Case InStr(strWmiOS, "Windows 2000") > 1 : GetOS_Remote = "W2K"

Case InStr(strWmiOS, "Windows XP") > 1 : GetOS_Remote = "WXP"

Case Else : GetOS_Remote = "Unknown"

End Select

End Function


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