Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Visual studio could not identify the version of ASP.NET on the Web server. Do you want to continue?"

I happened upon this warning today when attempting to execute a Project\Copy Project for my web application in VS.NET 2003.

    (Copy Project Interface; Options I chose to create a lean deployment directory...)
    (...And the mysterious warning)

Browsing Google and various Forums, I was led to believe that my .NET Framework/ASP.NET installs were somehow corrupt, and I would have to reinstall or run the aspnet_regiis.exe utility. This didn't sound right to me. I have functioning 1.1/2.0 apps in my development environment, and was able to execute the Copy Project for other 1.1 projects.

I beat myself up about this a bit, and then finally selected "Yes". VS.NET went ahead and built the deployment directory as specified, but not before presenting me with the following popup:

This prompt was familiar to me; it's what you see when an application does not have anonymous access enabled in IIS. Enabling anonymous access eliminated the original VS.NET error!

Hopefully this tip will save someone troubleshooting time or scalp hair.


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